There are currently three supported types of links that can be added to your LIRBRARY: YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. The Quick Start section covers the ways in which you can start adding them to your collections.

You can play your wrapped links in a number of ways, depending on your preference:

Once you have some links in your LIBRARY, you may wish to edit their auto generated details or move them between your collections. In order to do so, bring up the link menu by either right-clicking a link in the current list (or clicking the link menu button) and select the Details option.

details menu

Within the link menu, you will either have a Delete or Remove option depending on what type of list you currently have loaded.

Deleting a link will remove all instances of it from both your LIBRARY and PLAYLISTS. On the other hand, removing a link will simply remove the selected instance/s of it; all other instances will remain.

You can select multiple links at once using the Ctrl and Shift keys.