linkwrapper is an open source media link library that abstracts the players of various streaming services allowing you to save, search, and play all your links in one place. Notably, it allows you to convert your existing YouTube, Vimeo & SoundCloud bookmarks into a searchable and sortable library of playable streams.

The aim has been to take the qualities of traditional media libraries (à la Winamp or iTunes) and implement them within an online and stream based context.

Created by Tully Robinson


If you are a programmer (or designer), you can contribute to the code base on github.
If you want to help pay for server costs (or donate because you're boss mode), you can send Bitcoin to: 1LbFte2vPoQkUvpzw9R6afSBCxhFv2q8Uw
If you have feature ideas or encounter issues, feel free to tweet them to @linkwrapper or open an issue on github.