A: Yes.

Q: I'm only little and don't know what to do. How do I get started?

A: The Quick Start section provides the basics on how to begin populating your LIBRARY with links; it is recommended that you start there. There is also a 2 minute demo of the basic features available here. If you just want to start playing around with linkwrapper right away (without signing up), you can create a guest session here (under login with).

A: No. The file you extract from is processed locally and only the link types you specify are ever sent to be stored in your LIBRARY, i.e., your mum won't find out about your legendary redtube collection when she hacks into the linkwrapper servers.

A: 2048 bit encryption is used for all communications sent across both public and local networks. Passwords are encrypted using a minimum 5 pass bcrypt hash and there are no requirements to use any real information when signing up. Similarly, no non-public information, such as your email, is requested when logging in with social media.

A: Regular backups of the database are made for restorative purposes. There may be some loss of links, however, if they were added after the last backup and before the explosion. In addition, you will soon have the ability to export your library to a file for your own safe keeping. You can use this file to restore your links (or do whatever you want with).

A: Sure. The web interface is set up as a service of convenience, allowing you to access and stream your links from any computer or browser. If you're leet, you are more than welcome to download the source from github and run it locally. You will, of course, need to configure Node.js and MongoDB to do so.

Q: I have pro ideas. How can I suggest new features?

A: You can tweet them to @linkwrapper or open an issue on github.

A: Links in your library are unique, even across collections. If links were found but none were added, it most likely means that they already exist somewhere in your library.

Apart from keeping your LIBRARY clean, this allows you to easily distribute links from an extraction file across multiple collections by deleting a selection of links and re-extracting into another collection.

Q: What limitations are there on my account?

A: The following table provides the various limitations:

Item Limit
Collections 10
Links per collection 500
Playlists 50
Links per playlist 100

Q: Why do I get the "Chill Winston!" error notification?

A: It means you are an angry human (or bot) and are performing certain actions too quickly.

Q: Am I special like a snowflake?

A: Yes, you are!